Pharmasecutical Education Organization | Role: Project Manager, UX Designer, Web Developer


I refer to this project as the magnum opus of my time spent at napkin marketing. The Pharmaceutical Sciences Group required a website to do the following:

  • Have a subscription based membership system
  • Allow members to purchase tickets at different prices, depending on the membership level.
  • Allow members to watch past video webinars
  • Have a members only job board
  • Use WordPress


When I first started my role at napkin marketing, I did some cursory research into the possibilities of what solutions I could conjure up. I created a matrix to weigh the pros and cons, then discussed it with the team. Once I had a concrete idea of what could be accomplished, I created a wireframe that portrayed the numerous set of actions a user could take. From the initial sign up to registering for an event, as well as other actions a member would be able to take.


Another UX Designer had started the sitemap and homepage, and I took over to handle the inner pages with my knowledge on how the S2 Member Pro and Event Espresso plugins would work.

End Result

Once the prototype was finalized, I worked closely with the designer and the outsourced front-end developers so that I could focus on the back-end development. S2Member is a membership plugin that accepts and automates reccuring payments through PayPal. The plugin also allows the administrator to block off certain parts of the website. To handle the events, I decided on Event Espresso because of its add-on plugin which allows Event Espresso to limit the sale of tickets to the appropriate S2Member membership level. It also had convenient features like mass emailing attendees and automated accounting features.

Get in Touch

I’m always eager to help in anyway I can with development or user experience design. I like to chat about the industry and self development as well.